Business Travel Trends in 2023

 Business Travel Trends in 2023

After business travels practically stopped in 2023, restrictions are finally easing with brand-new trends in the said market. No one is 100% certain as to what the year 2023 will bring for most of us, but many witnessed various trends evolving.

The following are some trends that developed over the years and are said to be strengthened in the current year.


Technology has everyone in a chokehold, and rightfully so, since it has made most things easier to use. Biometrics, or unique physical characteristics, is a norm for many in-app purchases like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Travelers should also expect biometrics as one of the upcoming travel trends in 2023. These can be used for in-flight purchases, hotel upgrades, or train tickets. With only a touch, you can access the world at your fingertips!


Business and leisure travel gives off “bleisure.” Although it has been in fashion for several years, there is no saying when the trend will settle down. Many now see business travel as an opportunity to experience an enriched vacation.

Non-Traditional Accommodation

Opting for unconventional accommodations rather than a traditional chain hotel is becoming the new norm for many. Many employees have become more open to homey settings and prefer staying in rental apartments or other accommodations.

Most also choose stay-in places away from the city center for various reasons. One can be comfort, while others can be for leisure and exploring destinations.

Work-From-Anywhere Policy

Work-from-home is one thing, while work-from-anywhere is another. After the pandemic, it became apparent that businesses can be run even if it is operating remotely. Another trend that stemmed from work-from-home is work-from-anywhere.

Since the employees do not have basic office experience, it gives them enough opportunities to bond over retreats and team business travels. Experts show that these travel programs efficiently motivate the team, unleash creativity and encourage employee satisfaction.

Sustainable Travel

There is no hiding regarding air travel emissions and increased carbon footprints. Many businesses are taking the environmental crisis more seriously than ever. Taking certain measures like spreading awareness to their employees or booking them environmentally friendly hotels is just one step towards a lesser carbon footprint.

What else one can do on an individual level is pack fewer suitcases for reduced air load, opt for a train whenever needed, or purchase carbon offsets to compensate for the emissions caused by air travel.


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